Transitional Congregate Housing Program

H.O.G.A.R. Transitional is an emergency housing program for single adults living with HIV/AIDS who are referred by the NYC HASA. This housing program assists individuals in meeting their goals of independent housing, school, employment and self-empowerment. We will support the client to attain these goals in a realistic manner.

The goal of our organization is to restore to the individual the ability to achieve independent living, socialization, and effective life management. Our aim is to provide housing and services that are based on the philosophy and objectives of rehabilitation including finding permanent and suitable housing for clients with special needs.

H.O.G.A.R. services and housing builds on the personal strengths, needs, and goals of the individual and offsets the effects of HIV/AIDS, mental illness, chemical dependency, and history of homelessness. We will help the individual further by working with you’re their HRA case manager and other service providers to ensure the coordination of their services.

Our residents are encouraged to attend community meetings where they have an opportunity to make suggestions on the operation of the residence. An annual Residents Satisfaction Survey is distributed annually to each resident to be completed and submitted. Changes in our operation as suggested by residents are made where possible.

The residence provides transitional housing with supportive services for up to 6 months. During this 6 month period, the resident and their H.O.G.A.R. case manager will work together to increase their skills so that they are able to move to long term or permanent housing.

H.O.G.A.R. will work closely with the resident, and as necessary, with their HASA case manager, to identify and secure long-term or permanent housing.

  • Transitional Congregate Housing Program
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